Weekly Roundup: RBG. Amy Coney Barrett. Breonna Taylor. And, Respectable Evangelicalism?

Brad and Dan discuss four main stories on this week’s roundup:

1. The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has led to Amy Coney Barrett as the frontrunner to replace her. Brad outlines the history and contours of the charismatic Catholic community to which she swore an oath and asks how it affects her nomination.

2. Through a discussion of Locke and American history, Dan helps us understand why protecting public property is always such a priority in cases involving the destruction of human life. Why was her apartment complex more valuable than Breonna Taylor’s life?

3. The peaceful transfer of power, the GOP’s ongoing efforts to suppress voting, and the threat of election insecurity.

4. Following on a new piece by Chrissy Stroop, we ask: Have “respectable” evangelicals lost control of the extremist movement they built?

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