It's In the Code, Ep. 16: Being Biblical 2.0 Straight White American Jesus

In this episode, Dan revisits the claim or aspiration to be “biblical.” If such claims or aspirations involve efforts to control religious adherents, what are the consequences of this? What claims or attitudes, or actions does it license? How do claims to be “biblical” create an “anything-goes” kind of spirituality? How does this play out in concrete, practical terms? Check out the episode to find out! Sign up for the SWAJ seminar: Pre-Order Brad's new book: To Donate: Patreon: SWAJ Apparel is here! For access to the full Orange Wave series, click here: For an ad-free experience and to support SWAJ: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Support our show by becoming a premium member!
  1. It's In the Code, Ep. 16: Being Biblical 2.0
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