It's In the Code Ep. 37: Purity Straight White American Jesus

The language of “purity” looms large within certain Christian discourses in the US. But what is “purity”? What are the religious, cultural, and religious implications of employing the metaphor of purity? Why might be a considered a problematic, or even dangerous, metaphor? Dan explores these and other issues in this week’s episode. Linktree: Order Brad's new book: For access to the full Orange Wave series, click here: To Donate: Venmo: @straightwhitejc Patreon: SWAJ Apparel is here! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Support our show by becoming a premium member!
  1. It's In the Code Ep. 37: Purity
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  4. It's In the Code Ep. 36: A God-Shaped Hole in My Heart
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