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Straight White American Jesus (SWAJ) is a podcast on religion and politics with a focus on the Religious Right. Launched in 2018, both of the show’s hosts, Daniel Miller and Bradley Onishi, are ex-evangelical ministers who are now religion scholars. SWAJ is the only self-produced and self-funded podcast to appear regularly in the top 100 of Apple’s politics charts. We regularly compete with Fox News, NYT, and the Federalist. SWAJ has ranked as high as #40 in the UK, #6 in Thailand, #68 in Canada, #22 in the Netherlands, among chart appearances in several other countries. The show is downloaded/played approximately 30k times per month, has been featured in PRRI’s “Morning Buzz,” at the “Religious Studies Project,” and assigned in numerous religion programs across the world, including the University of Nottingham, the University of San Francisco, Georgia State, Skidmore College, and Emory University. Former guests include distinguished historians of American religion, such as Randall Balmer, R. Marie Griffith, and Matthew Avery Sutton, as well as journalists such as Katherine Stewart (NY Times contributor, author of the Power Worshippers) and Tom LoBianco (CNN contributor, author of Piety and Power). Our listeners include scholars, students, journalists, and policy makers. SWAJ plays an important role linking scholarship and media by providing a unique insider-outsider perspective on the Religious Right and conservative Christianity, as well as broad research-based perspectives at the intersection of religion and politics.

There's Less of Them, But They're More Violent Straight White American Jesus

Brad speaks with Matthew Sheffield, the editor and publisher of the new media outlet Flux. They discuss his article, "Republicans are banking on a fusion of Trump autocracy and McConnell nihilism, but will it work for them?" One of the arguments Sheffield makes is that the GOP has given up on policy and has become the party of outrage and resentment. Their only play is belligerence via Fox News and other outlets. He then argues that it's been hard to ramp up this outrage machine during the Biden presidency because Biden is a boring grandpa who is as old or older than most Trump voters; a president who largely stays out of view; and one on whom they can't use racist and xenophobic tacts like they do with other politicians. Finally, he argues that the GOP and the White Christian fundamentalists who anchor it are losing power and numbers, but becoming more violent. Leading to the question of our time: Can our democracy survive the autocracy and nihilism they are turning to in order to remain at the top of the political and social hierarchies? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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